Product Care

  • Don't wear any gold-plated jewelry when applying perfume, make-up, or hairspray. 
  • Before handling gold-plated jewelry, make sure that your hands are free from make-up, lotion, and soil. 
  • Make sure to remove any gold-plated jewelry when preparing acidic foods. 
  • Before exercising, remember to remove gold-plated pieces to prevent salts from damaging your jewelry. This also applies to other activities that lead to excessive sweating. 
  • While you're wearing gold-plated jewelry, don't swim in salt-water or chlorinated pools. 
  • Remember to store all gold-plated pieces in a cool, dry, and dark place so that they are protected from airborne elements that might cause natural tarnish. wipe each piece down with a soft cloth before storage, just to ensure that there are no oils on the surface that could corrode the golden layer.



To preserve the quality of all jewelry, be sure to wipe down each piece with a microfiber cloth or damp cotton ball after wearing it. This will remove any surface soil and smudges that may be present. It's that simple! When done, be sure to also store all jewelry in a cool dry place, and to keep each piece separate, so there's no chance of them scratching against each other.